Dream Casting: The Immortal Rules

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Julie Kagawa announced on her blog a while back that Palomar Pictures had picked up the movie rights for her vampire/dystopia The Immortal Rules. Being the big dork that I am, I decided to DREAM CAST the movie!!! Maybe the casting director will channel my dreams and cast accordingly.  
The Immortal Rules

My Dream Cast of The Immortal Rules

Meisa Kuroki as Allison Sekemoto. According to the Blood of Eden wiki, Allison is described as a "small, beautiful, exotic-looking Asian vampire with straight black hair, pale skin, and 'squinty eyes'. She's 5'0 in The Immortal Rules." I think this describes 24-year old Meisa Kuroki to a T. I mean, just look at her. Meisa is also half Japanese, half Brazillian-American.

Understudy: Kiko Mizuhara. 22-year old actress/model Kiko is half Korean/half American.

Ben Barnes as Kanin. According to the official Blood of Eden site, Kanin is described as having "piercing black eyes, [a] tall, muscular form and [a] calm, quiet demeanor." Ben Barnes is 6'1, has black eyes, is 31 years of age. He's a nicer looking Kanin then, say, Ian Somerhalder. Understudies: Alexander Skarsgard (for a blonde, more frightening Kanin), Michael Fassbender (for an older, intense Kanin), Tom Hiddleston because...why not? <3 him.

Jeremy Irvine for Zeke. Zeke is described as being "tall, lean, and blue-eyed." Throughout the book, he's an all-around good guy--brave, strong, and loyal. 23- year old Jeremy Irvine, at least, looks like all of those things. Understudies: Josh Hutcherson (But I don't want to typecast him! He's such a good Peeta). Logan Lerman (For a younger Zeke). Dylan O'Brien (For a more American Zeke).

Who would you like to play your favorite Immortal Rules characters in the movie???

1 comment:

  1. Kanin should be Jason stathom aka transporter
    jackal should be jace from the mortal instruments
    Jeremy sumpter or Matthew gray gubler should be esekiel
    Jessica green as Allison


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