Dream Casting: The Immortal Rules

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Julie Kagawa announced on her blog awhile back that Palomar Pictures had picked up the movie rights for her vampire/dystopia The Immortal Rules. Being the big dork that I am, I decided to DREAM CAST the movie!!! Maybe the casting director will channel my dreams and cast accordingly.  [Revised as of March 2015; before, I had Ben Barnes as Kanin & Jeremy Irvine for Zeke].
The Immortal Rules

My Dream Cast of The Immortal Rules

Meisa Kuroki as Allison Sekemoto. According to the Blood of Eden wiki, Allison is described as a "small, beautiful, exotic-looking Asian vampire with straight black hair, pale skin, and 'squinty eyes'. She's 5'0 in The Immortal Rules." I think this describes 24-year old Meisa Kuroki to a T. I mean, just look at her. Meisa is also half Japanese, half Brazillian-American.

Understudy: Kiko Mizuhara. 22-year old actress/model Kiko is half Korean/half American.

Dominic Cooper as Kanin. According to the official Blood of Eden site, Kanin is described as having "piercing black eyes, [a] tall, muscular form and [a] calm, quiet demeanor." Cooper is Dracula, so this makes sense.

Colton Haynes for Zeke. Zeke is described as being "tall, lean, and blue-eyed." Throughout the book, he's an all-around good guy--brave, strong, and loyal. 

Who would you like to play your favorite Immortal Rules characters in the movie???

1 comment:

  1. Kanin should be Jason stathom aka transporter
    jackal should be jace from the mortal instruments
    Jeremy sumpter or Matthew gray gubler should be esekiel
    Jessica green as Allison


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